3 Ways To See Money As A Spiritual Journey

3 Ways To See Money As A Spiritual Journey

While most discussions about money often focus on the physical, tangible Federal Reserve Notes, few people understand money is more spiritual than it is physical.  Here are 3 ways to see your relationship with money as a spiritual journey, not a physical one!


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Matthew 6:21

As water reflects the face, so the heart of man reflects man” – Proverbs 27:19

Rightly or wrongly, the fact is that there are few things we treasure more in life than money itself. It’s been said that we never see things as they are, we see things as we are. I’ve been quoted to say that I can generally tell most of what I need to know about someone by taking a look at their calendar and their checkbook.  How you spend your time and money says a lot about you.  When you look at how you engage with money, like a mirror, it will reflect back how you feel about yourself, how you’ve defined your self-worth, how much you think you deserve in life and how much you think you are capable of accomplishing.  As such, many have a love-hate relationship with money as it exposes the hidden things about us that we would rather not share with others.


The Good Book tells us we are “like gods” and that we’ve been created in His image.  In our first introduction to God, we see him expressing his creativity as the heavens and earth are formed.  Then we were empowered with the right to name the things He created and take dominion over the earth.  In my studies of the Universal Laws of Creation, I know that through the law of the Perpetual Transmutation of Radiant Energy, energy is perpetually in motion and that it can be transmuted to create things.  When we have thoughts backed by a strong desire, the amplitude of vibration from those thoughts can be transmuted into the creation of products and services that solve problems in the marketplace.  As entrepreneurs, that’s what we are in business to do, solve problems.  And when we do that, money naturally flows to us.

Elsewhere in that Good Book, we are told that God knows the thoughts that he has for us, and they are thoughts to prosper us.  It’s His desire to release divine thoughts to us that enable us to co-create solutions with Him that address the problems of those we serve as entrepreneurs.  When we do, money flows freely to us and those we serve can look at us and say we are just like our Father, which is the greatest compliment a Father wants to hear about his son.  In that regard, your lack of money is really a function of three questions:

  • Do you believe God wants to prosper you?
  • Do you believe God wants to co-create with you?
  • Do you believe God loves you?


When you understand DNA and how each of us have been uniquely created, then you recognize that there’s no such thing as competition when it relates to fulfilling your purpose in life. No one else on planet earth has the same set of experiences, the same set of skills, gifts, talents, or the unique voice that you have in communicating your unique value proposition to the world. And before you were formed in your mother’s womb, you were uniquely designed to fulfilling a very specific purpose on earth.The problem with those who spend their lives complaining about being overwhelmed by the amount or the lack of flow of money into their lives, overwhelmed by their lack of motivation, their lack of ideas or any other excuses they may offer as to why they are not experiencing an abundant flow of money into their lives is that they don’t recognize that they are “under-purposed.”  They haven’t tapped into that thing they were uniquely designed to do.  Because when they do, being overwhelmed becomes a thing of the past.  Being unmotivated no longer applies to them.

When you tap into purpose, the universe stands at attention and opens every door necessary and releases every resource you need to fulfill that which you were divinely created to do.  And when you do that, you will find money flowing to you in abundance because you are using all six of your intellectual faculties and tapping into the seven laws of creation to release unique solutions into the marketplace for which you are generously compensated.

If you’re not satisfied with what you see in the mirror, if you feel like there are opportunities to improve your relationship with God, if you feel like the flow of money into your life is an indictment that you are not ‘living your purpose,” and you’re ready to start experiencing money and life abundantly, take the assessment and then book a call so we can chat!

I’m sure you’re curious of what a life experiencing money and life abundantly feels like.  That life is well within your reach when and it starts by taking your assessment now!


With Abundance & Fulfillment,


Ways to Make Money from Home

Ways to Make Money from Home

The internet today provides an endless stream of opportunities to people looking for the ways to make money from home. Global connectivity, faster internet and browsers, and easy communication have pushed things forward and allowed people to earn money at their own comfort zone. People who cannot manage working as full-time employees due to maternity or health issues can earn money from home to make the most of their time.

However, if you have ever Googled “make money online” or “work from home” or “work from home jobs,” you must have noticed the web starts to overflow with sites proclaiming to get you wealthy in no time. However, most of these sites and guides are not legitimate at all, as they try to trick and push you to purchase something or to share your sensitive information first, only to find out later that it wasn’t worth it. This can be frustrating for people who really want to know the ways to make money from home.

Here are some reasonable ideas to consider.

Become a Home or Online Tutor

Online coaching has turned into a very promising part-time profession and you expect to earn some extra money that can help you meet your expenses and pay off your debts. In short, there is always a need for home and online tutors at any grade level and you can consider this profession as a part time job where you can earn money at your own ease and flexibility.

Online Surveys

There are countless sites that pay you to fill out online surveys. All you need to do is search out authentic sites that will pay you to obtain first-hand market data, which they will further use to meet their goals and objectives.

Freelance Writing

Freelancing or freelance writing is probably one of the best ways to make money from home. If you are good at writing and searching information online, then you can expect to have a very promising future in freelancing. What you should know is that for you will either be paid a lump sum amount for a write up or will be paid as per your word count.

Hire a Personal or Business Coach

Hiring a coach for personal and business planning can be a wise decision to earn some good money from home. In other words, your coach can push you in the right direction and on the path to earning money.


Business Opportunities without Investment—Promising Ideas Straight From Ike’s Success Vault

Business Opportunities without Investment—Promising Ideas Straight From Ike’s Success Vault

You don’t need a ton of cash or huge upfront investment or capital to get your entrepreneurial venture off the ground. There are plenty of home-based business ideas and opportunities that can help you earn extra money in your own comfort zone without having to invest any money. If you Google the term ‘business plan ideas’ or ‘business opportunities without investment”, you will notice an endless stream of relevant links appearing in front of you.

However, most of the links that will lead you to online guides claiming to provide the best business ideas without investment are either unreliable or need a huge chunk of capital to get things started. Here are some of the most authentic business ideas from Ike’s vault that need little or no investment.

Affiliate Marketing

The internet provides a never-ending stream of business opportunities without investment to help you earn extra money from home. One of the most easy and profitable methods to earn extra income is affiliate marketing where you promote products and services of other brands as well as E-commerce or E-seller websites on the internet and earn a commission from each successful sales transaction.

Career Counseling

The right piece of advice can help students or those in need looking for better career alternatives to pursue successful careers in their respective fields. On the other hand, a single wrong advice can risk their career, which is why you need to sensible, honest, and committed to your career counseling profession if you intend to start this home based business without investment.


Unarguably, freelancing is one of the profitable business opportunities without investment. All that you need to explore are your areas of interests and choose a field that can provide you maximum monetary gains. There are several freelancing platforms on the internet from where you can begin your freelancing career and earn extra money.

For more promising business ideas without investment, contact Ike Ikokwu to begin a profitable career at your own ease and convenience now.


4 Secrets for Growing Your Business Quickly and Seamlessly

4 Secrets for Growing Your Business Quickly and Seamlessly

In today’s fast-paced business world, the pressure to propel your small business forward and grow as a whole is persistent and unwavering. Businesses of all sizes need to continually evolve and innovate to remain relevant and competitive in the market. Every business owner craves for business growth perhaps because growth is generally perceived to be a symbol of success. And the company that is not growing will soon be driven out of the competition.

Well, this is pretty true as growth is absolutely necessary for business survival and retention in a competitive business landscape. So, small business owners need to capitalize on best business ideas, cut operating costs, and grow business profits to develop their business quickly and seamlessly.

Here are some of the secrets that can help grow and transform your business opportunity ideas into revenue.

Stay Visible and Connected

An interaction with the end-user is extremely necessary for your business to grow in today’s dynamic and competitive environment. Accreditation, certification, licenses as well as mainstream and social media presence can create a brand reputation and set your business apart from your competitors. So, you need to stay visibly connected with your target market for achieving desired results.

Maximize Your Cash Flow

A business can marginally survive without making profits, but cannot survive without adequate cash to sustain their day-to-day operations. By keeping track of your finances, effective management of cash flow is possible and can help your business to grow slowly, but surely!

Create Unique Market Offerings

As a small business, you need to continuously capitalize on best business ideas and create innovative products and services, which no one in the market is currently offering.  This can provide you a competitive edge and drive your company to success.

Auxiliary Secrets for Success

  • Hire the right people
  • Focus on established revenue streams
  • Understand your company and the competition from inside out
  • Create effective strategies to grow your business in different markets
  • Devise a comprehensive growth plan
  • Focus on diversification
  • Expand your company where feasible
  • Strive to be a part of something bigger and better

If you are looking to grow your business quickly, then Ike can help you capitalize on best business ideas and have an actionable plan to grow and succeed.



How Does Personal And Business Financial Management Advice Nurtures Your Business?

How Does Personal And Business Financial Management Advice Nurtures Your Business?

The pain of being in a state of financial crisis in both personal and business is real. It can cause a great deal of stress and can make your day-to-day life absolutely miserable. While some business owners may fail to realize the significance of hiring a business mentor for earning and saving extra money, those who have already secured their services are achieving greater levels of success in their personal and business lives.

Can you imagine yourself in a situation where you are doing pretty well — running your business and selling your products and services, only to find out later that your company is not growing at all, neither does it have a consistent revenue stream?

The point is, managing your personal money and running a business requires you to hire a business mentor who can devise a solution to efficiently manage your money and cash flow lifecycle. This means that businesses may require business and financial advice from time to time in order to meet their business and financial obligations and to fund their day-to-day operations.

Hence, a business coach can help you earn extra money, capitalize on best business opportunities, ensure high-interest savings, generate passive income, build your credit, rejuvenate your cash flow, and propel you on the path to accomplishing your personal and business goals. In other words, personal and business funding boosts your  finances, nurtures your business, and gets you out of your declining credit condition faster. The only solution for coming out of a financial crisis is to acquire the financial advisory services of an experienced business coach who knows how to improve your finances, enhance business profits, lower operating costs, increase cash flow and grow your wealth.

What Else Does Financing Help You With?

Besides providing unparalleled financial support, financial stability, and fast and easy access to money, a business mentor and strategist prevents your debts from mounting, and provides you an opportunity to maintain and leverage more control over your day-to-day business operations and finances.

If you are looking for a personal mentor to help you earn extra income or are considering hiring a business expert to meet both short-term and long-term goals, the right type of business and financial management advice can bridge cash flow gaps and can help you get back on track.