This includes the Financial Money Language Mastery where I guarantee a minimum of a 400% return over 5 years on your investment in the customized strategic tax plan with that program. This is the development and creation of a customized strategic tax plan for you and your business that is as unique to you as your very own fingerprint. In addition to my expertise as a tax strategist, I work with teams of subject master experts all over the country to bring you the best and brightest tax strategies that were once relegated to the likes of Apple and other Fortune 500 companies on Wall Street, but have now been customized for small business owners like you and me on Main Street.


  • Review of prior year tax returns & Identify what current tax plans (if any) you are utilizing
  • Assessing Current and Future Tax and Financial Goals and Objectives
  • Determining how much after-tax cash flow is needed to maintain your current standard of living
  • Determining how much present and excess cash flow is being taxed onerously
  • Scouring the over 70,000 tax pages of the tax code to Identify unique but legal and time-tested tax strategies to shave five to six figures off your income tax bill each year
  • Tax Supporting Forms And Materials; Follow Up And Accountability
  • Collaborating with subject matter experts on advanced tax planning strategies that will benefit you
  • Audit-proofing your strategic tax plan with all relevant IRS tax codes, rulings and other substantial authority
  • Presenting a written custom “tax blueprint” of all the identified strategic tax planning initiatives that not only save you money in taxes but also facilitate wealth building
  • An assurance of a minimum 400% return over 5 years (80% annualized ROI) on your investment for your “tax blueprint” once you’ve implemented the strategies recommended in your strategic tax plan (NOTE: Any fees for implementation of your plan are not included in your investment for the “tax blueprint”) However, the option exists to have my team implement your strategic tax plan for you at whatever additional fee may be needed to do so.


This also includes the Emotional Money Language Mastery which is a 6-month mentor-coaching relationship where I work with you one-on-one to ensure that you master the secret language of money and create the life entrepreneurs dream of, one that’s marked by not just success, but also significance, joy and fulfillment.  We’ll meet one-on-one from the comforts of wherever you are in the world via video conferencing. This package consists of twelve One-on-One sessions with meetings twice monthly.

Emotional Money Language Mastery Includes:

  • Sessions Are 60 Minutes
  • Identify Your Current Money Story
  • Define And Assess Current Goals
  • Create A Blueprint To Go From Fear-Based Decisions Into Monetizing Your Purpose And Achieving Success, Significance, Joy And Fulfillment In Life And In Business
  • Road Map To Achieve Goals Of Success, Financial Empowerment And Leaving A Legacy
  • Co-Creating the desired outcomes with you
  • Acquire tools and strategies for stress mastery and achieving peak performance under pressure
  • Supporting Forms And Materials; Follow Up And Accountability

Real Clients, Real Results

The unique tax strategies Ike brought to the table yielded $375,844 in estate tax savings, over $56,000 in annual tax savings and over $70,000 in projected tax-free income when I retire.  I like Ike!

Jim Brennan

President American Building Interiors

Ike’s coaching has shown me my own strengths and resources. He has helped me build my confidence which has allowed me to move forward and develop my business. Ike is a force. His positivity and faith are contagious. I am blessed!

Katell Gringoire

Consultant Strategic-IM

Ike empowered my wife and I with unique strategies to better protect our business, reduce estate and income taxes and create tax-free retirement income that my wife and I will enjoy during early retirement in our 50’s. Our tax plan saved us $75,000 in income taxes annually.

Shaukat Parpia,

CEO MSP Data Systems, Inc


Apply for a discovery call where I will help you get clear on where you are at, what you want to achieve and what obstacles are in your way of getting what you want out of life and your business.

Together we will decide if I’m the right mentor-coach for you.