You don’t need a ton of cash or huge upfront investment or capital to get your entrepreneurial venture off the ground. There are plenty of home-based business ideas and opportunities that can help you earn extra money in your own comfort zone without having to invest any money. If you Google the term ‘business plan ideas’ or ‘business opportunities without investment”, you will notice an endless stream of relevant links appearing in front of you.

However, most of the links that will lead you to online guides claiming to provide the best business ideas without investment are either unreliable or need a huge chunk of capital to get things started. Here are some of the most authentic business ideas from Ike’s vault that need little or no investment.

Affiliate Marketing

The internet provides a never-ending stream of business opportunities without investment to help you earn extra money from home. One of the most easy and profitable methods to earn extra income is affiliate marketing where you promote products and services of other brands as well as E-commerce or E-seller websites on the internet and earn a commission from each successful sales transaction.

Career Counseling

The right piece of advice can help students or those in need looking for better career alternatives to pursue successful careers in their respective fields. On the other hand, a single wrong advice can risk their career, which is why you need to sensible, honest, and committed to your career counseling profession if you intend to start this home based business without investment.


Unarguably, freelancing is one of the profitable business opportunities without investment. All that you need to explore are your areas of interests and choose a field that can provide you maximum monetary gains. There are several freelancing platforms on the internet from where you can begin your freelancing career and earn extra money.

For more promising business ideas without investment, contact Ike Ikokwu to begin a profitable career at your own ease and convenience now.