I hired Ike to be my life coach during one of the toughest seasons in my life!  In just a few short sessions, he helped to guide me towards a path of success and purpose!

Chanel Martin

CEO, PNTHRClaw Consulting

I worked closely with Ike for 3 or 4 years. During that time, I was impressed by his professionalism and intelligence in financial matters. He helps clients get on track with their financial goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Tim & Tammy Smith

Realtors Kearney Real Estate Services

Ike helped me to gain focus and clarity on my goals. He helped me to see the areas where more focused intention were necessary as well as recognize where I wasn’t fully committed. He has a wide range of knowledge and expertise and is proficient at transferring them in a usable way..

Jennifer Cuthbertson

Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker at The John Maxwell Team

Prior to working with Ike, I had dealt with a lot of the same frustrations most CPA’s deal with. I’d put in a lot of long hours at work without realizing my billing rate. I’d spend a lot of time being a historian, recording the past, and playing “catch up” to tax deadlines, without spending the required time engaged in proactive planning for my clients. I’d struggle with how to attract and service my ideal client. For years, I had entertained thoughts of being more proactive with my clients, engaging in value-based billing and adopting a more effective top and bottom line growth model, but never quite knew how to get there. In just a few months of working with Ike, I’ve gone from thought to action, from dreaming to believing, and from hoping to actualizing and seeing results. With just the first couple of my clients Ike and I have worked on adding value to, I can easily see how my firm will add $100,000 to $300,000 in revenues and profits this year alone. Ike has truly opened my eyes to the “acres of diamonds” within my firm. If you’re considering working with Ike and he has the time in his busy schedule to work with you, jump at the opportunity. You’ll be glad you did. I was.

Scott Merritt

CPA, Partner at Barnes Merritt & Barnes LLC

My family hired Ike Ikokwu because we were impressed by the knowledge and information Ike was able to share and effectively communicate to us. Even before we signed on with his firm Mr. Ikokwu took time to answer our questions (and we had many:), he made sure we were comfortable with all information provided and did not rush or push us. Throughout the process of transferring assets he was there for us making sure it was done correctly. Overall we were very impressed not only by the simplicity of his explanations, but mostly by his sincerity. With Ike we’re partners not just clients. Sincerely, Tom & Crystal Blanton

Crystal Blanton

Experienced Lead Business Analyst, Sr. Project Manager

I first got to know Ike through his financial advise for my in-laws. Ike’s financial wisdom and his willingness to go above and beyond to make a difficult situation as easy as possible made it a no brainer decision for me to trust him with my own finances. Throughout both of my experiences with Ike he has proven to be a trustworthy man of integrity. I recommend anyone in need of financial expertise to talk to Ike.

Steven Deluca

Sr. Director, Global Order Management and Billing at NCR Corporation

I recommend Ike for anyone interested in making their 401K work for them to reach their retirement goals. He works hard to help you obtain you financial goals.

John May

USA Today, Circulation Manager

Ike used The Bancorp Bank as a partner to implement lending solutions as an integral part of a financial planning program / strategy for his clients. We worked together on several transactions and was always professional, personable, knowlegeable, thorough and fastitious about execution and delivery. He was a great advocate for his clients, a reasonable negotiator and did a great job of managing the process and client expectations. Ike is the kind of partner you try hard to please and one you can trust to fulfill promises.

Jeanne Fields

Vice President Commercial Community Development Lending Officer at Fulton Financial Corporation

Ike’s coaching has shown me my own strengths and resources. He has helped me build my confidence which has allowed me to move forward and develop my business. Ike is a force. His positivity and faith are contagious. I am blessed!

Katell Gringoie

Consultant Strategic-IM

Due to Ike’s Executive coaching sessions, I was able to achieve much needed clarity on charting a path towards greater Business success. Ike helped me get ‘unstuck’ so I could move forward successfully.

Donnalie Edwards-Cabey

Victim Advocate, USVI DOJ

Ike is smart, hard worker and honest

Lance Wallach

VEBA, expert witness, author, speaker

Ike has been an amazing financial adviser. I was introduced to him by a friend. After a seminar where he introduced his services, my wife and I met him for a few sessions where as a fee-based financial advisor (and coach and mentor) Ike patiently answered all our questions. We ultimately proceeded to move several substantial investments into his recommended alternatives, and so far the results are very positive. Beyond that, as a fellow Christian, Ike even offered to step up and act as my accountability partner (at no cost) to see that I follow-up on invoicing clients on a timely basis–a previous problem of mine for various reasons. I highly recommend Ike for anyone seeking wise (and patient) investment counsel and advice.

Charlie Arehart

ColdFusion Troubleshooting Consultant, providing short-term, on-demand assistance, remote or on-site

Ike recently analyzed our current investments, recommeded new opportunities, and advised how we can make the most out of our money in order to obtain future financial goals. After this no-obligation free market analysis, my wife and I became aware of numerous investment opportunities that we want to take advantage of in the near future. I would recommend his service to anyone looking to secure their financial future.

Clayton Rhoads

founder, managing partner and CEO of The Rhoads Group.

Ike was recommended to us as a Financial Advisor through one of my wife’s colleagues. He has successfully guided my wife and I into retirement planning, day-to-day budgeting, and he’s even helped us choose the right health plans through our jobs. We have also used Ike’s services as a Tax Specialist to file our returns and we were more than satisfied with the results. We were surprised in the level of detail that he showed to make sure that were filing for the correct amount.

Since using Ike’s financial advice we now understand the steps that we need to take to remove debt. We have clear defined goals on what we want and can achieve which has brought less stress to our family because we know what to do with our money to have a successful future. I would definitely recommend Ike’s Financial Advice to anyone who is wondering how to plan for their future by allowing someone with the knowledge and integrity to guide you through that path.

Jeff Jackson

Turner, Systems Engineer II

Within just the first 15 minutes of my call with Ike, he provided so much clarity on all the wrong things I’ve been doing or not doing, as well as the right things to do to market myself and generate the kind of income I desire. Instantly, I knew his services were what I needed and wanted.

While 15 minutes with Ike could give you a complete makeover on how you market yourself. I look forward to working with him and would highly recommend his services. He has a heart to help you achieve your goals!

Jamie Gambino

Senior Sales Executive at Mint Controls

Before I started to work with Ike, I really was not focused on what my specific goals were. I did have ideas, however they were not specific enough. As a result, I would be taking several paths which were not getting me to where I needed to be.

Working with Ike has clearly allowed me to zero in on my business goals and more importantly how to get there.
If you are considering entering into a coaching relationship with Ike, I highly recommend him. First and foremost, he is a professional. He is intuitive, thoughtful and he will hold you accountable for the actions you develop.
I highly recommend him and it was a pleasure working with him in a business coaching relationship.

George Griffiths

CPC Griffiths Leadership Institute

Ike is an superb individual whose knowledge in his field far exceeds the norm. His attention to detail coupled with his acute understanding of reality makes working with Ike exciting and fun. Ike has removed the mysticism from the retirement arena. There is no question as to his capabilities. To coin an old phrase, “I like Ike!

Jim Brennan

President at American Building Interiors, Inc

Before working with Ike, I was looking to start my own business, but I had various ideas and lacked clarity.  Ike helped me stay focused, gain clarity and identify my audience.  He is a skilled coach with an understanding of business.”

Kathy Seasan

CEO, Adding Value Always

Ike is extremely gifted in the financial world and brings a comprehensive understanding to smart financial planning and decision making.

James Dodd

Mr. Ike Ikokwu has been helpful in assisting us in saving in ourTaxes and also planning for retirement. He has extensiveknowledge of tax laws and very professional in his work. I wouldhighly recommend him to anyone looking at tax, financial andestate planning.

Shaukat Parpia

President at MSP

Before working with Ike, I lacked clarity in identifying my ideal clients, and in making a workable schedule. Consequently, constructing a viable business plan was a struggle. Ike’s unique ability to ask thought-provoking questions enabled me to clearly pinpoint a target market that I’m passionate about, and to develop a schedule that reflects my priorities. His competent coaching, and compassionate mentoring, allowed me to identify action steps with accountability for each session. As a result, I’ve developed confidence in my ability to deliver quality services to ideal clients. I highly recommend Ike for his gift of combining experienced business acumen with quality coaching.

Michelle Barrios

Professional Life Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Speaker - Vision 4 Your Life

Ike is a very detail oriented person. I always knew that the products were being represented in their best and intended manner. He was always able to quickly understand new concepts and place them with appropriate clients.

Walter Parsons

Owner, Door To Door Accounting

Ike reviewed our financial situation and provided excellent recomendations that we were not aware. In addition to Ike’s Financial Planner certification Ike is a CPA which added credibility to his services. We employed his services and are pleased. Phil & Diana B

Philip Bluh

Member at Bluhco LLC