Due to the awesome transformation I experienced from my money story, the way I answer this question today, is much different than how I might have answered this a decade ago.  I am first a son of the Creator of the Universe….you know….that All Knowing, All Powerful, Ever Present Creator that resides in each of us and that empowers us to experience what it’s like to co-create with Him.

I’m a Father to 3 beautiful children, Ella, Zion, and Joelle (that’s them making silly faces with me above).  I’m also a husband to a stunningly beautiful wife, Emma (that’s her with my 3 kids).  Waking up next to this incredibly inspiring woman every day reminds me of just how lucky I am to have her and the 3 beautiful kids she gave me.

What Do I Do?

Besides being an Author and a Speaker,
I serve as a Mentor, Coach and Consultant to my clients.

As a Mentor-Coach, I help my clients become fluent on the emotional language of money.  Doing so, allows them to overcome the magnetic pull of limiting beliefs from their past, so they can take action on present opportunities to create a financially empowered life, designed around their purpose, that brings immense success, satisfaction and fulfillment beyond even their wildest dreams.

As a Consultant, I help my clients become fluent on the financial language of money.  Doing so, allows my clients to retain their present CPA relationships if they choose, while saving five to six figures annually in taxes from a customized strategic tax plan I design for them.  I help my clients to level the playing field by bringing little-known tax savings strategies from Wall Street, down to Main Street where the little guys like you and I live.


In the two plus decades I’ve been working, I’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of individuals and businesses.  Presently, the types of clients I serve include:













Tax Professionals

Insurance Professionals

Financial Planners


I’ve been a CPA for over 20 years and have previously held professional licenses as a CFP, Investment Advisor Representative and Insurance Services Professional. I started my career working for 2 of what were the Big 6 Accounting Firms where I learned the tax secrets that Apple and other highly profitable Fortune 500 companies routinely use to pay little to nothing in income taxes while building and accumulating wealth.

For the past decade plus as a small business owner, I’ve brought those same tax savings and wealth building strategies from Wall Street down to Main Street to level the playing field for small business owners like you and me. And while I had plenty of success helping good hardworking citizens on Main Street, there were tons of times where despite the best-laid tax and financial plans, I’d find clients and even myself engage in behavior that would self-sabotage those plans.

During more than two decades in my professional career, I can confidently say that I’ve been to the mountain top of life and success about as frequently as I’ve been to the valley.  Having made and lost millions several times, I know what it’s like to be an extremely successful business owner as much as I know what it’s like to be struggling, wondering where your next client will come from and wondering if you’ll be forced to file bankruptcy again.  Entrepreneurs often face setbacks that seem impossible to come back from. Google my name and you’ll see I’m no exception to that. When it comes to facing and overcoming the obstacles to creating a financially empowered life, designed around your purpose, that brings immense satisfaction and fulfillment and allows you to experience money and life abundantly, I know a thing or two about that.  

When I finally got sick and tired of making and losing millions…

I realized the only person that could “GET ME OUT OF HERE” was ME!  So, I decided to go on a journey and take a closer look at my life and find out why I kept experiencing cycles of boom and bust and an uncanny ability to self-sabotage.  It wasn’t until I uncovered the secret language of money that was responsible for the behaviors and actions that would sabotage even the best tax and financial plans, that I unearthed the key that would unlock the door to a successful, fulfilling and satisfying life as a business owner.

I finally understood my story!

It was during my journey and getting to the root of my boom and bust cycles in my life that I finally understood my story, specifically my money story. Language is how we make sense of any story. And as I looked at my money story, I found two specific languages driving my story. There was the financial language which deals with the MATH and strategy behind accumulating wealth. My life’s story had proven that I was fluent in this language, as evidenced by the millions I had made time and time again.

What I was completely ignorant about, was the emotional language of money. These are the underlying beliefs, habits, behaviors and actions that create the results we experience in life. They run on autopilot much like we drive cars today without a second thought of what we’re doing to drive the car. Yet, they control more than 95% of our behaviors and ultimately our results. My ignorance to this emotional language was what was resulting in the continual cycles of self-sabotage that led to the boom and bust eras of my past.

Now, I no longer live my life by DEFAULT.

Rather, I live my life by DESIGN.

Part of that design is to be a catalyst that helps people overcome the magnetic pull of the self-limiting beliefs of their past, so they can take action on present opportunities to create a financially empowered life, designed around their purpose, that brings immense satisfaction and fulfillment to them as they experience money and life abundantly.

When money and life mastery is made easy, you can be loyal to your DREAMS and not your DOUBTS. I’m on an incredible journey and I’d like for you to join me for the ride. In helping my clients fulfill their purpose, I get to fulfill mine while also championing the movement of companies that have chosen to be driven by a mission that goes beyond just the profits. These are for profit companies that have pledged a portion of their profits to be socially responsible citizens by fighting modern day injustices like human trafficking, hunger, homelessness and other needs of the underprivileged.

Do what you love!

Why Should You Care?

Chances are you are a lot like me.  I’d bet you have big dreams to change the world and a desire to live a purpose-filled life, that brings meaning and satisfaction to you, without any limitations on your ability to experience money and life abundantly.  I know what that feels like. It’s not often you have the satisfaction of getting to do what you love while experiencing money and life abundantly. Having your cake and eating it too has long been pitched as something that’s impossible.  But with expert guidance from a mentor-coach empowering you to do what you love, you can!

If you’re struggling to get there, I believe you can learn from my experience.  They say experience is the best teacher and that’s true. However, even more true is the fact that it doesn’t have to be all your experience.  With expert guidance from a mentor-coach, you can do what you love and experience money and life abundantly.

If you are open to this, I can help you shorten the gap to success.  I can help you become fluent in not just the financial language of money if a need and desire exist to save 5 to 6 figures annually and exponentially grow your wealth.  But more importantly, I can help you with the emotional language of money.  But it all starts with identifying, understanding, deconstructing and creating a NEW money story that will best serve you.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Let me help you take that first step with either one of my private coaching or one of my group coaching programs.  Working together, we can make TODAY, the first day of the rest of your BEST LIFE!

Money and Life Mastery made easy is what my service offerings are all about.