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Are You A Certified Life Coach?

Ike is a Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Ike is a Certified New Money Story Mentor-Coach. Ike is also a Certified Integrative Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Through his certifications and experience, Ike has the ability to lend his knowledge, expertise, mentoring and teaching abilities to his clients in the areas of life coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, money coaching, financial mentoring and all areas of personal growth and professional development.

Can I Sign Up For Multiple Coaching Programs?

Every client is free to sign up for whichever coaching program best suits them. You have options to work with Ike privately, one on one and reap the benefits of that kind of individualized attention. A Client favorite is his Total Money Language Mastery Private Coaching Program which combines his two popular private coaching offerings, Emotional Money Language Mastery and Financial Money Language Mastery. Additionally, you can work with Ike in any of his group coaching programs. Ike always encourages his clients to reach for the stars and take advantage of everything that he has to offer to ensure that they set themselves up to achieve their goals and dreams.

What Can I Expect From The Complimentary Private Coaching Discovery Call?

This discovery call may take up to 60 minutes via video conferencing using Zoom. I believe it’s important to develop personal connections with my clients and will be happy to share a bit about my own entrepreneurial journey with you. Based on the answers to the questions on the booking form you provide along with our time together unearthing the heart of your business, your goals and priorities, together we will establish what is currently not working for you and what your most pressing short and long term needs are. With clarity on what’s not working and what you need, I’ll share with you how I can best support you to address your needs and goals. Regardless of “how” we get there, one of our primary goals will be to ensure I help you co-create a financially empowered life, designed around your purpose, that brings immense satisfaction and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. Provided we both feel we are a good fit, I’ll discuss pricing options for the packages I offer, and if you’re ready to move forward, we’ll go over the next steps. I recommend that you review the testimonials and case studies in the Rave Reviews section of our site to envision some of the significant ways in which we can be of help.

How Long Has Ike Been A Coach/Mentor For?

Ike has spent a little over a decade serving as a coach and mentor, and over two decades as a tax and financial strategist for hundreds of satisfied clients from all throughout the United States.

What Has Ike Written?

Ike has written a number of articles throughout his professional career that have been featured in places like The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Palm Beach Daily News and Personal Excellence. Ike has also authored several unpublished eBook’s like 7 Steps To Experiencing Money and Life Abundantly. Ike’s first published book, Winning The Money Game: Separating The Myths From The Truth, Everything You Don’t Know About Achieving Financial Independence, was released in 2012 and made the Amazon Best Seller’s List during the first week of its release.

How Do You Guarantee The Success & Satisfaction Of The Coaches You Mentor-Coach?

I know the word “guarantee” can be a big and scary word.  But when you’ve studied what it takes to be successful like I have, you know that success leaves clues.  For starters, we need to both have the same working definition of what success is.  And, if you go through my Money Language Mastery Private Coaching Programs, you and I will both be working off the same definition of what success is.

As far as guarantees go, I can’t guarantee what your effort will be in internalizing and utilizing what you are taught in my programs.  But rest assured that I’ve put together a Proprietary 7 Step “ROADMAP” Process and “VIBEMAM” System that relies just not on a hope and a prayer, but on universal laws and principles.  I believe that with the Right “ROADMAP” and the Right “VIBE,” Millionaires Are Made “MAM”.  My “ROADMAP” Process and “VIBEMAN” System allows you to stop living life by DEFAULT and start living life by DESIGN so you can MONETIZE your PURPOSE, 10X Your BUSINESS, and achieve the SUCCESS and SATISFACTION you DESERVE!

For example, no matter what your opinion might be, at some point in the morning you will see daylight and at some point in the evening, there’ll be darkness.  When you plant a seed of orange in the ground, it will always yield an orange, not an apple.  If you jump up in the air, even if you have “hang time” like Michael Jordan did when he played in the NBA, eventually, you’ll make your way back to the ground.  These are all universal laws and principles that CAN’T be changed, but when applied, yield consistent results.

In much the same way, when it comes to building a successful coaching practice, consulting practice or any other business for that matter, there are universal laws and principles that when applied to your business, will consistently yield the desired results you seek.  The major difference between goal setting and goal achievement is when it comes to goal setting, like New Years’ Eve’s resolutions, everyone can make them.  However, when it comes to achieving those goals or resolutions, very few (only about 3%) know the principles and laws that govern goal achievement.  That’s why I’m able to guarantee your success and satisfaction.


As I’ve said before, I believe that with the Right “ROADMAP” and the Right “VIBE,” Millionaires Are Made “MAM”. It’s my TRUTH and it’s also a catchy way to remember my proprietary 7-Step “ROADMAP” Process and 7-Step “VIBEMAM” system, which as you’ve likely figured out, is my unique value proposition to the clients I serve.