How Does Personal And Business Financial Management Advice Nurtures Your Business?

How Does Personal And Business Financial Management Advice Nurtures Your Business?

The pain of being in a state of financial crisis in both personal and business is real. It can cause a great deal of stress and can make your day-to-day life absolutely miserable. While some business owners may fail to realize the significance of hiring a business mentor for earning and saving extra money, those who have already secured their services are achieving greater levels of success in their personal and business lives.

Can you imagine yourself in a situation where you are doing pretty well — running your business and selling your products and services, only to find out later that your company is not growing at all, neither does it have a consistent revenue stream?

The point is, managing your personal money and running a business requires you to hire a business mentor who can devise a solution to efficiently manage your money and cash flow lifecycle. This means that businesses may require business and financial advice from time to time in order to meet their business and financial obligations and to fund their day-to-day operations.

Hence, a business coach can help you earn extra money, capitalize on best business opportunities, ensure high-interest savings, generate passive income, build your credit, rejuvenate your cash flow, and propel you on the path to accomplishing your personal and business goals. In other words, personal and business funding boosts your  finances, nurtures your business, and gets you out of your declining credit condition faster. The only solution for coming out of a financial crisis is to acquire the financial advisory services of an experienced business coach who knows how to improve your finances, enhance business profits, lower operating costs, increase cash flow and grow your wealth.

What Else Does Financing Help You With?

Besides providing unparalleled financial support, financial stability, and fast and easy access to money, a business mentor and strategist prevents your debts from mounting, and provides you an opportunity to maintain and leverage more control over your day-to-day business operations and finances.

If you are looking for a personal mentor to help you earn extra income or are considering hiring a business expert to meet both short-term and long-term goals, the right type of business and financial management advice can bridge cash flow gaps and can help you get back on track.


Personal and Business Mentor: How to Plan for Success in Life and Business?

Personal and Business Mentor: How to Plan for Success in Life and Business?

Keeping big life goals in mind and initiating an entrepreneurial business in today’s competitive setting puts you in the driver’s seat. However, the road to success is sometimes bumpy and isn’t always clear. A professional personal and business mentor — someone who has made mistakes in the past, and learned life-lessons can help you navigate your way to success.

No matter how motivated you consider yourself to be, when it comes to pursuing your life goals and an entrepreneurial career, the business coach who understands business coaching and management to its core, can make your life easier and help you accomplish your desired goals and objectives with absolute authority and control. It’s always a wise decision to hire a professional mentor to lift your business off the ground and to ensure higher profitability when running a business.

Financial Guidance Is Important For a Successful Life and Business

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs could manage taking business and financial decisions all on their own. However, times have changed and hiring a financial strategist and business mentor have become absolutely mandatory for businesses of all nature. According to a study, business mentorship programs helps entrepreneurs realize their big dreams so they can turn ideas into reality and help conquer and succeed in a world where the business environment is changing so rapidly.

Develop the Right Plan

Each one of us is unique and motivated by different factors in life and business. So, it is ideal to hire a professional business mentor or mentoring services that can help you develop the right plan to succeed in both life and business. Higher overall personal and business productivity and efficiency can provide you complete financial freedom, which is healthy for your personal as well as your business growth.

Set Laser-Focused Goals and Act upon Them

Setting concrete and crystal-clear goals is absolutely necessary for running a business as well as going along with your life. A perfect blend of different goals can help you build a better life so you can live happily with your family and loved ones. Once a clear-cut perspective is developed, only then you can act upon your dreams, desires, and wishes wisely and with absolute authority. So, a personal and business mentor can help you set laser-focused goals and help translate them into equity.

Are you missing that perfect blend that is making your entrepreneurial life difficult? If you are looking to excel in personal as well as business life, then you need to partner with Ikeikokwu to receive professional mentoring and coaching services.


Teen Jobs and Hustles to Make Money Online and Offline

Teen Jobs and Hustles to Make Money Online and Offline

As a teenager, it always feels great to have extra dollars in your wallet, which you can spend without the permission of your parents. However, earning those extra dollars will require you to work extra hours, for which you must be mentally prepared. Most odd jobs are time-consuming and tiring, and pay less in return. However, choosing your job wisely can help you generate more money at your own ease and convenience.

If you are a highly-motivated, workaholic, money-driven teenager and interested in earning some money of your own, you are not alone. There are a majority of teenagers looking for ways to earn money online and offline to cover their expenses. Obviously, every teen dreams big to enjoy their life to the fullest for which they get motivated to earn money at an early age.

Here are some of the top notch passive earning ideas and ways to make extra money.

How to Make Money Online

Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is a social media platform that allows you to generate a steady online income. You can earn by creating unique content in the form of videos. You can easily create an account and upload videos and build your subscriber-base for earning money through advertisements. Also, you can earn money through affiliate marketing where you get paid for a successful sale transaction completed via your promotional links.


Freelancing is one of the most profitable ways through which you can make quick money. Some of the freelancing skills from which you can earn money online include:

  • Web graphic designing
  • Content writing
  • Online surveys
  • Social media manager
  • Ad campaigns,
  • Online industry-specific researches

How to Make Money Offline

Restaurant Jobs

Some 24/7 cafés and restaurants allow flexibility for teenagers to take restaurant jobs as a source of their extra income. Hence, you can work in a restaurant, cafe, pub, bar, and other similar places to earn extra money.

Other Random Jobs

Other jobs which can earn you a significant amount of money as a teenager include:

  • Babysitting
  • Dog-walking
  • Tutoring
  • Career counseling
  • Sales jobs
  • Photography jobs
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Pizza delivery, cleaning jobs
  • Movie theater jobs
  • Lawn mowing
  • Yard maintenance

If you are looking to find answers to “how to make money as a teenager”, then Ike can help you earn money online and offline and save a lot of bucks.



How to Pay Off Student Loans

How to Pay Off Student Loans

How to pay off student loans is a serious question and one of the biggest financial problems that individuals face these days. Those who cannot finance their studies rely on student loans and financing to complete their studies. Once their studies are completed, they need to pay back the loans and failing to do so may result in financial troubles and crisis.

The worst feeling for you as a student or a fresh-graduate is to find yourself in agony and pressure to pay back the loan and this feeling can last forever until the entire amount is paid back in full to the lender from whom you acquired the money to finance your studies. However, the student loan doesn’t need to crush your dreams.

Here’s how you can pay off student loans faster.

Make slightly more than the Minimum Payment

This is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to reduce your debt. Paying a little extra amount other than the minimum payment each month can make your life stress free, and provide you the answer to the question ‘how to pay off student loans’. The theory is simple, ‘the more loan you pay each month towards your student loan, the quicker the total balance will disappear’.

Know Where Your Money Is Going

It is your responsibility to track your money and ensure timely payments of your student loan. Creating a budget will allow you to allocate and manage your finances wisely. This will further reveal how much money is due each month and where your money is going.

Consolidate and Refinance Your Student Loans

This is one of the ways through which individuals can pay off student loans faster. By refinancing your student loans, you can consolidate them into one single monthly payment which may result in you paying off the debt at a lower interest rate.

If you are looking to find a solution to “how to pay off student loans”, then Ike can help you with the right planning and approach to pay off your student loans.


Small Business Mentoring Service For A Stress-Free And Debt-Free Life!

Small Business Mentoring Service For A Stress-Free And Debt-Free Life!

Hiring a small business mentoring service is absolutely essential in today’s competitive business environment. How about having a professional hand who can guide you through and push your business forward?

While you may think that your entrepreneurial knowledge is sufficient for you to carry along with your business, chances are that you may lack the market knowledge and expertise required to run a successful business. Therefore, a business coach is needed to build an effective business strategy and to ensure that everything is going in the right direction. Or else, you are likely to face troubles in running your business.

Business Mentor Is Essential For Business Growth

A business mentor with the right market knowledge can come up with a smart business plan that can ensure maximum productivity and overall business output. The growth is dependent on multiple factors and hiring a business coach for making the right business decisions is one of them. Here is how a business mentor can help your business grow:

  • Mentors can kick your business off the ground
  • Mentors can give you advice, support, and guidance
  • Mentors can improve your problem-solving skills
  • Mentors can help foster a highly-synergized business environment
  • Mentors can help hire the right people
  • Mentors can help you make better and more informed business decisions

Investing In Small Business Mentoring Service Is A Wise Business Move

Planning is a part and parcel of every business, whether small or large. Businesses that invest in hiring a business strategist can make their business dreams come true and accomplish their business goals and objectives with absolute authority. So, it’s a wise move to invest a little portion of your hard-earned money in hiring a business coach who can truly deliver and help you across various verticals of running a successful business.

If you are looking for a business mentor who can ensure a debt-free and stress-free business journey, then Ike can be your ideal choice.


Top 3 Financial Goals That you should set for 2019

Top 3 Financial Goals That you should set for 2019


Individuals who set financial goals are believed to be more practical than others and can make their dreams and wishes come true with more control and authority. Revisiting your goals from time-to-time, and realigning them with your personal and business priorities can help you stay on the top of your finances throughout the year. When you really have a game plan to manage your finances, you can make better and more informed decisions, capitalize on best business ideas, earn extra money, and convert your ideas into reality. It’s never too late to create a plan and set your financial goals in a way that can simplify your life.

Here are the top 3 financial goals that everyone should set for in 2019—perhaps as a new year’s resolution.

Get Out Of Debt Faster—Completely

Everyone dreams of having a debt-free and stress-free life. However, some life events can impact your finances and push you into bad debt. Bad debt, is not good debt, which can actually help you grow wealth and save on income taxes.  Since bad debt has no tax benefits and offers no wealth building opportunities, it needs to be paid off in full as soon as you possibly can in order to avoid inconveniences and have full control over your income, finances, and wealth building opportunities.

Create Multiple Income-Generating Streams

A person should always strive to create multiple income streams because relying just on your job or single source of income is neither healthy nor endorsed by any business mentor. Perhaps working few extra hours from home in a job that interests you can help you earn extra money and help you generate more income.

Have a Well-Stocked Emergency Fund

While some people may take the emergency fund to be beneficial for a limited time frame, the reality is that the emergency funds have important long-term personal and financial benefits. Establishing a well-stocked emergency fund can provide you peace throughout your life or whenever you are in need of money.

If you are looking to earn extra money and make optimal use of your personal and business finances, then Ike Ikokwu can help you set and achieve your financial goals for 2019 and beyond.