Remember a time when you felt stressed or overwhelmed by something you know you wanted to do but didn’t know how to do?  That’s exactly how I felt after I wrote my book Winning The Money Game and realized I wanted to make it a best seller but didn’t know how.  Here’s 3 simple steps I found to evict that stress like a bad tenant.  I call it the 3 R’s Realize, Release and Redirect.


First, Realize what the true source of the stress is: (it’s just the fear of doing something new and last I checked, not knowing how to do something stopped Thomas Edison or The Wright Brothers, so it shouldn’t stop me);


Next is Release (you want to release all of the toxins and self- sabotaging thoughts that don’t serve you like I can’t do this or I’m not good enough.  Your job is to take those thoughts captive and prevent them from getting deep into your subconscious mind, or your spirit man).


Final step is to Redirect instead of Accept.  Rather than using definitive and conclusive statements like I can’t, you redirect them into open-ended questions that put your mind’s creative to work.  Once an “I can’t” is redirected to questions like (How can I become a Best Seller, What are the top 3 things best-selling authors did to make their book a best seller).  You then realize that Once I do the top 3 things best-selling authors have done, I too will be a best-selling author.  Going through this process allowed me to make my book Winning The Money Game, an Amazon best seller the week it was released in 2012.