Ever have those moments where you are really angry at God because you feel like he’s abandoned you? Where you maybe try to be obedient and call that relative you have a broken relationship with and you still end up getting disrespected and rejected by them and you’re like see God, told you that was a bad idea  You know those moments, we all have them.


If you’ve ever felt anger, bitterness and resentment to God, yet hated that feeling afterwards, I’ve got good news for you.  The easiest way to not be angry at God is to be angry at God.  Here’s what I mean.  In Psalms 13, we’re introduced to what a spiritual mentor of mine calls the Lament Prayer.  In it, we see 3 steps to deal with our anger towards God.


Step 1, Voice your anger to him.  We see that in the first couple of verses where David voices his anger saying How long will will you forget me, hide your face from me, let my enemies triumph over me.


Then in Step 2, he makes his petition to God and says look to me Lord, Answer my prayers, deliver me from my enemies etc.


Finally Step 3, is the Statement of Trust and David says regardless of voicing my displeasure to you, I still trust you, my heart rejoices in your presence, for you’ve been good to me.


Follow these 3 steps and you’ll find it to be a healthy way to deal with those moments when you feel like the Lord isn’t showing up in your life like you’d like him to.