Hey, do you want to know the key to getting whatever you want in Life?  Today, I’m going to show you one key to do so and it all starts with the word DESIRE.


By desire, I’m not talking about a hope or a want.  I’m talking about an idea you’ve held onto for so long, it’s become an I have to have it.  It’s become a Desire.  And more than a desire, as your heart rages with emotion and longing for this thing, it becomes a burning desire.  It’s now something you go to bed thinking about.  You wake up thinking about it.  You think about it so much that it’s become an all-consuming obsession.  You’re so consumed by this idea, that it’s become the most dominant thought in your mind.  When something becomes the most dominant thought in your mind, it broadcasts energy signals all around you that demands that desire be fulfilled.  When a baby can’t talk and they have a strong desire for something, maybe to eat, they broadcast a signal, that signal is an opera like cry for help that is so loud that even if that’s not your baby, you attention is immediately drawn to that baby to ensure that it’s desire is met.


So, to get whatever you want in life, we need look no further than a screaming baby to realize that a strong desire is all it takes.  Or you can look to Napoleon Hill who said “The starting point of all achievement is desire.  Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.”