Are you frustrated from looking at the long trail of goals you started but never finished? I mentioned in another video that only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them.  One of many reasons for this is I believe is people fail to apply the law of consistency in achieving their goals.


While you may be initially motivated when you set your goals, it’s discipline that will keep you grounded and focused when the path to goal achievement gets rocky.  Another way I spell discipline is being faithful.  To achieve your goals, ask yourself: Are you faithful to your goals? Are you faithful to the dream it represents? Are you faithful to the person you’ll become by achieving the goal? Has this goal become the most dominant thought in your mind? Do you go to bed thinking about it? Do you wake up thinking about it?


Do thoughts about this goal consume your mind like thoughts about the first girl or boy you fell in love with? In Proverbs it says many men claim to have unfailing love but a faithful man who can find?  Will your goals find you to be faithful to them?  Being faithful is what being disciplined looks like and being disciplined is what puts the law of consistency to work in your favor to achieve your goals.  Don’t just go through the intellectual process of setting a goal.  Rather be disciplined, be faithful, and apply the lawful process of consistency to achieve your goals.