Are you tired of starting on a new goal but never seeming to finish it? Studies from the University of Scranton show 92% of us never finish our goals.  Today, I’m going to show you one thing you can do to join the 8% that do.


When I run, I might set a goal to run a couple of miles and what I notice a lot is during that last half a mile, it takes everything I have to finish my run, but I always finish.  It hadn’t always been that way for me.  There were many times I didn’t finish the run.  But what I found that works consistently is taking my focus away from the outcome, finishing the race, and instead focusing on the process.


I choose to focus on becoming the person who’s able to set a goal and finish it, who’s able to look adversity in the face and keep pushing forward, who’s able to persevere through the challenges and not give up.  And by focusing on the process, instead of the outcome, the outcome becomes a foregone conclusion.  So, the next time you’re having challenges finishing your goals, do like the Philadelphia 76’rs star, Joel Embid says to do and Trust The Process.