Do you want to know how people are able to accomplish seemingly impossible feats like climbing the tallest mountain or running a 4-minute mile?


It all starts by framing your future and your expectations with the right words.  Rather than say “I can’t,” which is a definitive and conclusive statement.  Choose to say “How can I” which is an open-ended question.  By simply asking the question, you put the incredible resources within your mind to work in finding out the answer.  It would be foolish to stand next to a light switch and complain about how dark it is in your home when all you have to do is flip the switch on.


Want to know someone who’s eliminated “I can’t” from his vocabulary.  Want to know a guy who’s done the impossible?  Look up Nick Vuyachec on youtube.  Born with no arms or legs, he does incredible things like make his own coffee, jump out of airplanes and impact millions through speaking and his ministry.  Now what’s your excuse. Next time you want to do something great, just ask yourself open-ended questions and see what happens