Have you ever attended a conference, got all excited about the knowledge you acquired, but then a month or year later, you look back and realized you didn’t grow from that impactful conference? Well, here’s a quick tip I learned from one of my mentors that will ensure you never experience that again.  It’s called the ACT Method To Maximize Growth.


The ACT Method To Maximize Personal Growth

Within this method, each letter in ACT forms an acronym of the 3 things you should always do after attending an impactful conference or seminar

(A) Make a note of what applies from what you just learned that you should keep reinforcing in your life, that’s the A;

(C) Note what you need to change in your life from what you just learned that’s the C; And

(T) Make note of who you need to teach what you just learned;

If you will do this within 72 hours of attending an event, then weeks or months later, you’ll experience the transformation you expected.