Ever wondered how to overcome setbacks in life, so you can crush it in your field of expertise like Jordan did in the NBA?  Today, I’ll share my third and final tip to do just that by using the law of Modeling.


Tip #3 – The Law of Modeling

Peak performers like Jordan always surrounded themselves with mentors that had been down the path that he was headed. Why?  Because it’s hard to improve and grow if you’ve got no one, but yourself to follow.  That’s why I’ve invested over six figures working with mentors who’ve helped me experience a 7-figure financial comeback before.  Working with mentors gave me the confidence to know that my greatest asset isn’t my professional licenses or what’s in my bank account.  It’s what’s in between my two ears.  And that’s why I’ll continue to invest in my mentors, so I just don’t experience a 7-figure financial comeback this time, but that I get to experience an 8 or 9 figure growth spurt.  As you advance towards your goals, if you’ll lean into the law of Modeling, you’ll overcome every setback.