Have you ever wondered why the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, yet advancing towards your goals never seems to take a straight line.  If anything, it’s filled with setbacks. Today, I’ll share the second of three tips to overcome those setbacks by understanding the law of Pain.


Tip #2 – The Law of Pain

My Pastor, Jentezen Franklin, taught me that your setbacks don’t have to be final.  John Maxwell taught me that I can actually fail forward.  Failing forward is about having the right perspective.  And when you have that, you can look at the pain from setbacks in life, as setups, for your comeback.  Experiencing a 7-figure financial setback and surrendering my dreams for my future for God’s dream for my future, has simply set me up for a 7-figure financial comeback and positioned me to mentor and coach others.  As you advance towards your goals, if you’ll lean into the law of Pain, you’ll overcome every setback.