Ever feel like you always seem to run into setbacks as you advance towards your goals?  Today, I’ll share the first of three tips to overcome those setbacks.


Tip #1 – The Law Of Awareness

First tip is understanding the law of Awareness. In 2008, I became one of the youngest advisors in the financial services industry to become financially independent, just 5 years after overcoming setbacks that led to a bankruptcy filing.  In college, my car tag read “Know Thyself,” which you have to do, in order to grow thyself.


In 2018, after reflecting on two major business betrayals that led to a 7-figure financial loss as a victim of a Ponzi scheme, clients of mine also suffering losses, The SEC holding me responsible for both me and my client’s losses, which led to losing a few professional licenses, my business and reputation in the industry, it was this law of awareness that would teach me that I had built so strong a false identity and sense of self-worth around my past business and financial achievements and professional licenses, that they had become like idols to me.


In God’s mercy, he allowed my business to be destroyed so he could resurrect it, His way. (60 seconds)  Now, as I watch the resurrection, this same law is teaching me that not tapping into my imaginative power is the only real limitation in designing the life and business he’d always dreamed of for me.  As you advance towards your goals, if you’ll lean into the law of awareness, you’ll overcome every setback.