In today’s video story, you’ll learn how to respond when God actually answers your prayer. I know many may carry a list of unanswered prayers they are still believing God for. Rest assured that God is faithful to answer those prayers. But just as important, is when he answers other prayers you’re believing him for, in a way that you least expect. Your response in those moments is critical. Watch and see how Justine Layser responded to one of her biggest FAITH tests in her adventures with God.

So often we say God, make me a person of great faith. And then God answers our prayers by allowing events to occur in our life that build our faith muscles to give us that which we desire. In those moments, it’s hard to realize that God is actually answering our prayers. But so often, that’s the case with this upside down Kingdom we are a part of. It’s a Kingdom where the last shall be first; where to go up higher, we have to go down lower; where to be strong, we have to be weak. All of what we think to be logical is truly turned upside down in other that the Kingdom that is within us might be released into the world around us. Justine’s story certainly fits the bill and if you are “called”, your story likely will follow a similar pattern

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