In today’s video story, you’ll learn how to handle one of life’s biggest mysteries. It’s what I call the Tradeoff. In life, we are always making trades. As an employee, you trade your hours for the compensation you are paid. When you get tired of your job and feel like you’ve got more to offer the world and you want more flexibility in your life, then you go into business for yourself. As a business owner, you’ll initially trade more and more of your time in the hopes of building a business that will one day give you the financial and time freedom you desire. The key to winning in life then is to simply make the right trades. No different with football, basketball or any other sport. The right trade can sometimes make all the difference. It made the difference for the Golden State Warriors chance to avenge a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, in a year when the Warriors set the record for the most wins in a regular NBA season. Making the right trade, could make all the difference in your life as well. Watch the video to learn how to be on the right side of the trades you make.

This is my fifth video in what I hope to be a series of many videos that you will find that are a part of the #YourStoryCanSaveALifeChallenge on social media. That’s an effort that I’m leading with the hopes that sharing stories of triumph over adversity can help curb the tide of suicide globally. I hope you’ll join the movement by simply sharing your story on social media using #YourStoryCanSaveALifeChallenge and then challenging a few of your contacts to do the same by tagging them. Together, maybe we can save a life!

Enjoy the video and join the movement!