Play To Win … 2nd or 3rd Place Isn’t An Option!

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Want to be the life of the party? Share a story of how you, your child or your favorite team came from behind to win the game and you’ll have the entire room’s attention. Why is that? It’s really simple. Deep down inside of us, we all love to win. If you don’t believe me, ask any fan of the … Read More

Financial Guru or Political Pundit….You Decide!

Ike IkokwuThe Politics of Personal Finance

If you’ve ever listened to a financial guru, financial expert or other authoritative figure in the financial services industry, at some point you’ve probably gotten to hear them talk about politics in some shape, form or fashion. Why is that? Are financial experts “in the closet” politicians? Do they aspire a different life in politics? Or, is there some interrelationship … Read More

What’s Your Wealth Building Formula?

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Before getting into the basic wealth building formula most people use, I’d like to explain a bit about how banks and similar financial institutions work. Let’s assume for a moment that you are a business owner and I’m the bank. For every $1 you earn in your business, where do I as the bank tell you to put each $1, … Read More

Put An End To The Financial Insanity

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As a country, nation and even globally, we are in the middle of one of the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. The folks in Washington can’t seem to balance our budget. As each year passes, our national debt that is now in the trillions of dollars keeps increasing. Investors have suffered yet another major setback in their financial … Read More

Winning by Losing: The Lost Art of Failure

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This week I read a story entitled… “After FCAT Scores Plunge, State Quickly Lowers the Passing Grade” The particular state, test, nor circumstances in the story were relevant to the all too familiar point that popped into my head. In this instance, the state may very well have had their reasons for doing so. Individual student aptitude, after all, is … Read More

Planning For Independence

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I would like for you to view “retirement” as the dirty “R” Word. I know a lot of those in the financial services industry help clients plan for retirement but all of them are missing the boat. You should not be planning for retirement but instead should be planning for financial independence.

Becoming Debt Free

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Ever feel the weight of the world coming down on you? That’s the way anyone feels when they are buried under the rubble of what I call “bad debt.” So what is bad debt? Bad debt is any consumer debt that does nothing to increase your financial position but instead further deteriorates your financial position.

Estimating Your Retirement Income

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Most people have three possible sources of retirement income: (1) Social Security, (2) pension payments, and (3) savings and investments. The income that will have to be provided through savings and investments (which you can plan for) can be determined only after you have estimated the income you can expect from Social Security and from any pension plans (over which … Read More