In today’s video story, you’ll learn how to overcome one of our biggest fears: Change. We all clamor for stability and consistency in our life. Yet, the very essence of life dictates that we must change and evolve. Funny thing is whenever we hear stories of people going through extreme change, we tell them: Oh, it’ will be good for you. We only say that because we’re not the ones being forced to go through the change and therein lies our natural inclination to resist change. But is that even realistic? Imagine what it would look like if you showed up at work and found grown men and women crawling around the office. Why you ask? Because they resisted the change to shift from crawling to walking as a child. If you’ve resisted or feared change in the past, you should find some encouragement with this video.

This is my second video in what I hope to be a series of many videos that you will find that are a part of the #YourStoryCanSaveALifeChallenge on social media. That’s an effort that I’m leading with the hopes that sharing stories of triumph over adversity can help curb the tide of suicide globally. I hope you’ll join the movement by simply sharing your story on social media using #YourStoryCanSaveALifeChallenge and then challenging a few of your contacts to do the same by tagging them. Together, maybe we can save a life!

Enjoy the video and join the movement!