It Matters If You Think It Matters

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After reading an article about GOP Vice-Presidential candidate entitled, ‘Does Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Matter?’, I asked myself the same question (Only after I first asked, “Is this what vetting a candidate is like?”). After some thought from all angles from both sides, I concluded that reality isn’t something that necessarily falls under the category of right or wrong. So … Read More

Shoes, Priorities and Economics

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There are two very interesting schools of thought as it pertains to pricing and consumerism. One theory is if you want to move more product, reduce the cost; thereby increase your target market to include a wider economic base as well as make your current market more tempted to buy because everyone simply loves a good deal. The other theory, … Read More

The Olympic Games, Just Like The Money Game, Have Winners And Losers

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If an investment had no risk, no downside, no threat of loss, then success is meaningless. Such is the apparent case of the 2012 games in London as far as the assumptive shot-in-the-arm to the economy is concerned. This is according to economist, Nouriel Roubini in an MSN article entitled, London Olympics an Economic Failure.   “…London is totally empty: … Read More

Your Home – A Place To Live, Not A Place To Park Money

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Pop Quiz: If someone were to offer you an investment where you can pay more than the minimum contribution, but not less, which would result in loss of previous contributions, the money is not safe from loss of principal, is less safe with each payment, is not liquid, earns 0% rate of return, the tax liability increases with each payment, … Read More

Social Insecurity – Your Investment is No Retirement Plan

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I just Googled “Social Security” and got 1.08 billion hits. Needless to say, it’s a hot topic. Without even clicking on those links, I know what most of them have in common. It’s not good. As most of us know, Social Security began as a measure to implement a “social insurance” of sorts during the Great Depression, when more than … Read More

Debt Forgiveness, But Never Forgotten

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You almost never hear “student loans” and “Social Security” used in the same conversation, let alone the same sentence. Until now. It seems there are a lot people who’ve fallen behind on their student loans. Way behind. How far? Some of them are grandparents old enough to receive Social Security benefits. Except that some of them won’t. Not all they … Read More

American Brands That Are likely To Go Away

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24/7 Wall Street has come out with their annual list of top America brands they predict will disappear. Whether it is obsoleteness, the terribly competitive nature of their industry or just bad planning, this year’s brand drop out list is very compelling. A lot of factors can contribute to a company or brand making this embarrassing list. Ever increasing costs … Read More

And We Told Them It Wasn’t A Tax!

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To be called a tax or not to be called a tax, that is the question (in my Shakespearen voice) that the Obama administration now faces in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on June 28, 2012. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should have heard by now that the high court, by a 5 to … Read More

Money Lessons From The Facebook Founder

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Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg made news recently not because of the value of his stock in Facebook but because he refinanced his $5.95 million mortgage on his Palo Alto, California, home with a 30-year adjustable-rate loan starting at 1.05 percent. So the obvious question I keep hearing folks ask is why does a Billionaire like Mark need a mortgage on his … Read More

Would Your Retirement Plan Get An A or An F? – Part One

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I’ll admit that I know nothing about what your particular retirement plan looks like. However, if it is like most of the prospective clients I meet with where the bulk of your assets are in a 401K or an IRA, then suffice it to say the grade you’d be getting from me is an F. So why am I so … Read More