Ike Ikokwu Strategize

As a Tax and Financial Strategist, I empower business owners and individuals
with unique strategies that help them do 4 things:

If you are a business owner or a self-employed individual that paid at least $25,000 in personal income taxes or a high-income wage earner with at least $250,000 in income, then you qualify for our tax services. I’m sure you probably already work with a CPA and that’s fine. I don’t want to be your CPA. All the clients I work with have their CPAs prepare their tax return while I design and implement your tax strategy.

What your CPA most likely does is they simply file your tax return to report what’s occurred for the past year. That’s being reactive to what’s occurred. They perform the job of a historian and that’s similar to driving a car but looking at the rear view mirror the whole time you are driving. However, there’s a reason why the windscreen is much bigger than the rear view mirror. Don’t get me wrong, I look at the rear view mirror as well but only briefly, to see what’s occurred in the past. I am proactive. I pay most of my attention to your windscreen. I focus on where you are today and then I project and create the tax future you want…paying half price while others pay full price for their taxes. That’s the difference between what I do and what your CPA does. That’s also the reason why my clients keep their CPAs and work with me as their tax strategist.

For a better sense of the value my services will bring to you, please click here Case Studies to see how other clients have benefited from my services.

Bar none, taxes are by far the single biggest expense you incur. So having me design a plan to save you tens of thousands of dollars in taxes annually will automatically reduce the cost of running your business. However, as every business owner is well aware, you have other operating expenses as well. By allowing me to offer a cost remediation, cost procurement or cost reduction analysis for your business, chances are pretty high that I could identify opportunities to reduce your other operating expenses by anywhere from 20% to as much as 40%. If your annual operating expenses run $1 million, what would you do with an additional $200,000 in increased cash flow this year?…..invest in your business?….reward your employees with bonuses? Some of the areas we specialize in to achieve increased cash flow for you are:

  • Recovering past expenses through our expert class action settlement recovery services
  • Eliminating or at a minimum significantly reducing your merchant processing fees
  • Taking advantage of significant property owner tax incentives
  • Challenging and reducing property taxes
  • Eliminating or reducing your business debt expense
  • Reducing your workers compensation insurance expense
  • Reducing your parcel shipping and freight charge expense
  • Reducing your waste, recycling and utility fees
  • Reducing your company’s telecommunications fees
  • Reducing your business and property insurance expense

For a better sense of the value my services will bring to you, please click here Case Studies to see how other clients have benefited from my services.

If you asked anyone in America what one of their top financial goals is, getting out of debt ranks at the top of their list of goals, right next to becoming financially free. However, for many Americans, this is just an elusive goal as opposed to one that can truly be achieved. With a national debt that sits at almost a staggering $20 Trillion and counting as of November 2016, it’s no wonder many citizens of our country and in so much debt…they are simply playing a game of “monkey see, monkey do.”

Not only does the average household have mortgage debt, but by the time you add up automobile loans, store charge cards, credit cards, gas cards, second mortgages and student loan debt, many households are actually drowning in debt. Worse yet, left to their own devices, they’d be stuck in that much debt for 30 or more years…especially with the constant refinancing of homes where home owners have used the equity in their homes as an ATM to you guess it, get the cash and go buy more stuff and end up further in debt.

What if rather than being stuck in this death trap for 30 or more years, you could eliminate ALL of your debt. I’m talking mortgage, automobile, credit card, charge card, gas card, second mortgage, student loan…you name it…if it’s debt it’s gone. What if it all could be gone in 10 years or less? What if you could eliminate all of that debt in 10 years or less and not spend any more money than you’re a currently spending.

Would that be of interest to you? If so, you should contact us now so we can put a plan together to help you do just that.

For a better sense of the value my services will bring to you, please click here Case Studies to see how other clients have benefited from my services.

As you might have heard, a recent Federal Reserve Report states that nearly half of our population could not cover a $400 emergency expense without borrowing or selling something.  That same report also shows that 62% of all households have less than $1,000 in savings.  And, with average household debt at $130,922, not only are Americans living paycheck to paycheck, but they also have a major debt problem.

I guess with the national debt at almost $20 Trillion and rising daily as of November 2016, it’s a bit of “monkey see, monkey do.”  If you asked the average American, how confident they were about their retirement or financial future, most are not very confident and these statistics I just shared sheds some light on why.

Accumulating wealth so you can be financially free all starts with having a financial plan in place. But not just any financial plan, you need a strategic financial plan. The kind of strategic financial plan I have in mind is:

  • One that’s customized to your unique set of facts and circumstances.
  • One that puts the odds in your favor that during the next bear market crash, unlike others in past bear markets, you won’t see as much as 50% or more of the value of your portfolio evaporate into thin air like magic.
  • One that avoids the risk of higher taxes in the future by creating tax-free income you can look forward to at retirement.
  • One that doesn’t leave the odds of generating the income you need at retirement on how well the stock market is doing but instead generates consistent, reliable and predictable income for you at retirement.

If such a financial plan sounds like it might be of interest to you then why don’t you start the conversation by reaching out to me?

For a better sense of the value my services will bring to you, please click here Case Studies to see how other clients have benefited from my services.